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Jan. 29th, 2020


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Couple of Local Nerd Chicks

Myself being giddy
Or alternatively called: Why I Quit Going to Comic-Con but Insist it Stay in San Diego

My name is Adriana. I have a sister named Aracely. I'm 25 years old, and my sister is 24. We both live in San Diego county. A trip to the San Diego Convention Center takes us about 20 minutes after parking our car at the nearest trolley station. Although the documentary calls for someone who is passionate about Comic Con, my sister Aracely and I offer a sort of wistful almost nostalgic look at our first SDCC in 1997 to deciding to just stop coming in 2008.

Cut here. It's long, to spare you all the F-List assault.Collapse )

Anyway that's all I have to say about that.

-Adriana and Aracely Parra
May 25th 2010

Ulduar Screens

Kytele (WoW)

Don't have many screenshots about it, since we tried we were immediately locked out of the instance due to it crashing:

Here We go....Collapse )

I have to say with the tight amount of DPS, the achievement for this is definitely possible. However after our 3rd attempt the Ulduar insance went down and for a while we were left with a massive clusterfuck:



Also the loot I got tonight.

sail to the moon

Fist weapon

the real me is in the back fighting kj.

grats me beating the game again... i guess. with the patch that came out m'uru was a massive joke... i don't think anyone felt good about the kill. kil'jaeden was still coordination-heavy and after a night of attempts he was down. but...

this guild has grown on me. a lot. it's amazing how much they've changed from a seemingly callous group of friends who disliked outsiders into a more relaxed happy kind of people. i guess all it took was time.

gonna be difficult to decide in the end... =(

by the way, tauren /cower makes me so sad! the taurens in my guild will do it on purpose to listen to me try to make them stop. i can't help it, it just looks so sad!

patch ensuez

Creepy Strep

Worked hard to get this beautiful drake only to realize in the crash following my learned 50 mounts I had lost almost every single one when I had re-logged. All my wolves, kodos, hawkstriders, talkbuks, the zhevra and bear, all gone. All that was left was my black warstrider and this one. It's a known issue however, so hopefully I will have my mounts back tomorrow.

Still though, I'm very proud of myself grinding out Horde city rep and actually sticking to it. I absolutely despise rep grinds.

quick update

oh my goodness i am dead again

Creepy Strep


my (sort of) blog-o-progress of my death knighty-ness here on my flickr album


Ultemecia (fanart)

a.k.a. JOSH






P.S. Lily, please make sure he reads this. Thx u!

Well I wouldn't say I'm the "leetest"...

Cute rogue
But damn this icon is super cute.

Anyway I haven't made a real honest to bob WoW update. I've put up a lot of screens on my photobucket/flickr account but as since have left it untouched in favor of completion. Frankly it's not gonna get completed so here goes:

Look for the bare necessities
The simple bare necessities
Forget about your worries and your strife
I mean the bare necessities
That's why a bear can rest at ease
With just the bare necessities of lifeCollapse )

And then thisCollapse )